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Students for the Poor Held a Tent City to Demonstrate Poor Living Conditions


Staff Writer

Students who participated in the Tent City. Staff Photos/ J.Gordon.

Recently Students for the Poor impacted the Lynn campus once again with Tent City.

After two years since Haiti’s devastating earthquake, about half a million people are still in desperate need of permanent housing. Many are forced to live in tent-like homes often made of corrugated tin, cardboard boxes and tarps.

Since the Haiti earthquake left such an impact on the Lynn community, Students for the Poor felt it would be appropriate to educate the campus and raise awareness about what current living conditions are still like after time has passed.

“Although our intended plan to spend the nights in our tent city did not follow through due to weather, I was very pleased to see the student involvement groups come together for a great cause,” said Senior Lindsay Doran. “It was a lot more complicated to construct the replica of tent city than we thought, but I think that’s what made it more interesting.”

During the Tent City event there was a bake sale to raise money for the Food for the Poor foundation. The clubs and organizations that participated in Tent City were Students for the Poor, Black Student Union, Greek Life and the Access Program.

“As we constructed our tent city many students and faculty members stopped and asked what we were, which is what we hoped would happen,” said Doran. “I believe we achieved our goal of spreading awareness that Haiti still needs help. We also raised over $100 from our bake sale.”

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