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Another Creepy Movie About Vengeful Entities Living Through Images


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Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke, watching the eerie images on a projector as he uncovers the horrific family murders. Stock Photo.

“Sinister”, released in theaters on Oct. 12, is a familiar tale of an evil spirit reeking havoc through images that will not induce a sleepless night, but will definitely have you paranoid.

The movie is about Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke, who is a crime investigator that moves his family to a house where a family murder had taken place. The purpose for him moving the family to this house is to improve his investigation of the murders that occurred there, which the family does not know about.

Supernatural events start happening the first night but Oswalt thinks nothing of it because he does not believe that the murders that occurred in the house had anything to do with a supernatural evil. The real trouble starts when he begins watching the home movies that depicts disturbing images of the dead families and a demon that is believed to live within the images.

The movie is filled with the usual weird noises, appearance of members of the dead families and the strange behavior of his children, one actually becoming possessed. Even though this movie is nothing different from movies like “Paranormal Activity” or “Insidious”, it still manages to creep one out enough to make one a bit paranoid once leaving the theater.

“While certain elements of the Sinister plot are predictable,” wrote Ben Kendrick of “Derrickson [Director] has once again delivered a horror film that is not only creepier than most of its contemporaries, it excels with relatable characters, and a smart premise…”

What makes the movie creepy is the fact that this demon or entity enters families lives through images of him or videos of him, in ways similar to the movie “The Ring” (2002). It makes one think, since seeing saw the movie and these images, will this demon randomly reveal itself in one’s bedroom at night?

“Its underlying theme,” wrote Mary Pols of “About the corrupting power of images passed like deadly chain letters is very, very effective…”

Sinister is a fun movie to see with friends that will give you chills leaving the audience with anticipation as to where “Mr. Boogie” will decide to show up again.

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